Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Arts: Are They Out of Reach for the Poor?

This week my children started piano lessons. Our local library offers group piano in six week sessions--for free. They also offer dance, art, pottery, acting, community theater, guitar, animation, and bookbinding.

These classes are offered through a community organization called YouthCity Artways. The classes are small, the instructors are incredible and the experiences our family has had as we've participated in these programs are phenomenal.

Exposure to the arts (dance lessons, piano lessons, or visual arts) doesn't need to be expensive. If you're interested in the arts, in whatever form you choose, make sure that the cost of the class fits within your budget.

Look in your community for programs similar to YouthCity Artways. See if your child's school offers an orchestra program or dance team. Go on family art walks through your community. Or for Pete's sake, just buy a tray of watercolors and have your child paint til the tray is empty.

Arts don't need to be expensive to be refining.

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