Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dinner: Sunday, January 11

Greek Gyros and Salad
Total Cost: $7.25

Living well means being able to entertain guests. What's the fun of living in poverty if you have to be all alone?

Tonight we had a delightful couple over for dinner. When they asked if there was anything they could bring I suggested salad.

I prepared a large batch of whole wheat pita bread using my artisan ways, cut up three chicken breasts (seasoned with cumin, garlic, salt and olive oil), crumbled the feta, and cut up an onion. I also brought out a homemade batch of yogurt to drizzle on the gyros. We also used part of the salad, that our guests brought, to put in the gyros.

May I say one thing about yogurt? A gallon of milk costs about $2.25. That's about $.14/cup. That means that a 32 oz. homemade batch of yogurt costs about $.56 compared with the 32 oz. container of Mountain High All-Natural Yoghurt that runs about $3.50. That three dollars is going to buy me a nice slender slice of Cambozola to go with my crusty peasant bread. Soon.

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