Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dinner: Tuesday, January 13

Italian Grinders on Crusty Peasant Bread with Genoa, Red Onion and Roma Tomatoes
Side Salad with Oranges
(Tuna on Pita for the Kids)
Total Cost: $3.80

When I was a teenager I worked in a sub shop and loved every minute--even when the onions made me cry. Now that I have a different full-time job, I don't eat nearly enough sandwiches. Why? Mostly because sliced deli meat is so expensive. When I do make subs, I use Genoa salami and make Italian Grinders. Because Genoa has such a strong flavor you can use a teeny-weeny bit and it can stretch all the way down that fresh loaf of crusty peasant bread that you just made.

My only recommendation for these sandwiches is that you serve them with lots of red wine vinegar. On it. In it. Both.

My kids don't like Italian Grinders and I don't like to waste good food on people who won't eat it. (Did that sound totally rude?) I happily made a batch of tuna on pita for them. They'll come around in a few years.

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