Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dinner: Friday, January 30

Saline IV
Acetaminophen & Ibuprofen
Total Cost: $100 copay

We spent the afternoon and evening in the hospital with Josh. He had severe abdominal pain starting around 2pm. After toughing out the pain (eight out of ten on the pain scale) he finally asked for a side dish of morphine. The dose was so small and the pain was so great that it had no effect. The pain went away on it's own an hour later at 6:30pm during the ultrasound.

While I was at the hospital with Josh, my dad went back home to pick up dinner that my mom had prepared for the kids. It was great. It's weird to eat in ER. It's kind of like eating in a public restroom. (I haven't tried that. I just have a good imagination.)

Then we went home. Today is the actual day of our anniversary. It was a wonderful day with an unexpected ending. We are so happy to be married...

Happy Anniversary!

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  1. I was so busy being a part of this story that I never even read your post. Glad to know that you enjoyed the meal (though it would have been more enjoyable somewhere else). It was a blessing to be there with you at a difficult moment. You and Josh never cease to amaze me.