Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dinner: Thursday, January 8

Polenta with Asiago-Dusted Marinara
Crusty Peasant Micro-loaf
Romaine with Vinaigrette
Total Cost: $2.95

Polenta is a simple cornmeal wedge, patty or square that somehow satisfies in a way that no semolina noodle can (no matter how al dente). For dinner we're going to make polenta and serve it in squares (since we had the wedge shape last night...) Look in any Jane-Bag-of-Doughnuts recipe book and you'll find a satisfactory recipe.

For the marinara, pop open a can of some spaghetti sauce that you have on hand. Any flavor. Just heat it. Oh, and if you have any veggies in the fridge that are ready to meet their maker, do them a favor and grant their last wish: "I want to be added to a batch of Veggie Marinara." You'll make that hairy green pepper so happy. Cut off the hair. Serve the polenta and marinara with a good dusting of Asiago (or Romano).

Now that you've balanced the universe, throw a loaf of Five Minute Artisan Bread in the oven. Since it's just for tonight you can pull off a chunk the size of a grapefruit--one pound of dough. Let it rise for 40 minutes, bake for 30 at 450 degrees. You did remember to let the bread rise while you were making the polenta and sauce, right? Good for you.

Remember the Romaine from yesterday? There's a little more left, so wash it, cut it, grate some cheese on top, and do the sprinkle-sprinkle, Amen thing with the vinaigrette.

What did you have for dinner? How much did it cost?

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