Sunday, January 25, 2009

Purchases: Week Three

Instead of listing purchases this week, I'm going to give an update on the budget categories.

Groceries: We hit our budgeted amount for groceries for the month, so either I have to buy nothing next week, or I need to pull from another category and do without something else. The good news is that I spent the rest of our budget for groceries on long term storage that will last for months. I bought chicken at a great price.

Clothing: We're under budget in clothing. I spent about 75% of our budget, so I could spend the rest this week, but I don't need to.

Dining Out: Just bought a few ice cream cones for the kids after piano lessons (the free ones, remember?)

Gasoline: Right on budget, and we have two full tanks. Since we don't shop as much this month, we're saving tons on gas. I'm not super strict about combining my shopping trips--I went out on Saturday just to buy some paper to make cards.

Household Consumables: Right on.

Household Non-consumables: Love to buy a huge leather couch, but our lovely floral sofa will do fer now. We really didn't buy much this month.

Recreation: I bout some paper and counted part from the gift category and part from the recreation category. We really need to get babysitting and get out more. It's in the budget!

Gifts: I was able to make two batches of truffles and give gifts to my friends who had birthdays this month. I also made sure my husband (who has supported me through this month of poverty) got plenty of truffles.

We're doing all right...and just a few more days left.

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