Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dinner: Saturday, January 24

Grilled Chicken
Penne with Alfredo, Broccoli and Mushrooms
Total Cost: $6.25

We thought my dad was coming for dinner, so we made something fancy-pantsy. He ended up driving home from his conference instead of coming over. He had to drive home in wicked fog last night, and there was a wreck the night before that. It was raining hard tonight, so we figured he just wanted to get home.

Anyway, lucky for us, we had an awesome meal. We grilled some chicken, tossed some garlicky alfredo (homemade) with some penne, broccoli and mushrooms and ate it with gusto.

I want to have a five-minute bread class at my house next month. Can you imagine? A house full of ladies making bread. It's so domestic!

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