Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gifts Well Below the Poverty Line

Here is a batch of hand-dipped dark chocolate orange truffles that I made today. What does this have to do with poverty? Well, I used the money from the "gifts" budget category to pay for the ingredients. Which proves, you can live well while living well below the poverty line.

I received my chocolate training from a friend/pastry chef from Oregon. She spent the weekend teaching me the secret to tempering chocolate and creating creamy risotto. In turn, I showed her my not-so-glam granola bars, which she graciously raved about.

My pastry chef friend also enjoys living a thrifty lifestyle, so we like to trade tips, recipes and financial advice. Everyone needs a thrifty friend--a friend who will meet you in the park for a simple picnic, brag about thrift store finds, and help you create a wicked good batch of dark chocolate truffles.

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