Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Documentary on Poverty

I watched a documentary this week called "Waging a Living" by Roger Weisberg. If you want to see the perfect encapsulation of the poverty mentality, then watch this movie.

Poverty is not about money. It never is. Someone with a poverty mentality will be poor and stay poor, even if a million dollars landed in their lap. In America, I hesitate to even use the word poverty because we simply don't know what true poverty is.

"Waging a Living" follows four people (and their families) over a period of two years. Each of them talk about money issues, wage and income issues, welfare, and other government assistance. As you will see when you watch the movie, money is not the answer.

Question, if money isn't the answer, what is?

Hint: Pay close attention to Barbara Brooks, 36 year old woman from Freeport, NY.


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