Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dinner: Monday, January 19

Black Bean and Red Pepper Quesadillas
Steamed Vegetables
Total Cost: $4.65

We love a good mexi-meal, and quesadillas often enter into our menu, not only because they're economical and easy, but because they are good, good, good. Or as our mexi-friends say, "bueno, bueno, bueno."

For the filling, we mixed shredded sharp cheddar with a can of black beans, half of a chopped red pepper, a little bit of red onion, and a dash of cumin. Slap that filling between two tortillas and grill it until the filling is melted and the tortillas are toasted.

Serve with salsa and natural sour cream--seriously--read the label and make sure that your sour cream is cultured cream. You may be accustomed to lo-fat sour cream with all it's thickeners and binders, but if you're going to have sour cream, make sure that you're getting the real thing, not some lab experiment gone dairy. Stay authentic and you'll be glad you did.

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