Monday, January 19, 2009

Dinner: Saturday, January 17

Another Amazing Chinese Dish by Josh
Total Cost: $3.75

I went out to the craft store tonight to pick up a few pieces of paper so that I could make cards to go with my chocolates. While I was gone, Josh whipped up another one of his amazing Chinese dishes. It was pork, broccoli, rice, and ginger. I think he added peanut butter as well. (We're coming up on our 10th anniversary--and you can easily see why. Josh is amazing!) We dined very well tonight.

If you look at the post "Purchases: Week Two" you won't see pork, rice, broccoli or ginger. That's because I bought other things that will be used for meals in the future. I bought the stuff for this meal weeks ago and kept it in the freezer/pantry. This week I bought the stuff to make lentil soup. The lentils are in my pantry and the sausage is in the freezer.

Lots of women plan meals this way. I bought five pounds of beef chuck this week, and there's no way that I'm even going to use one pound of beef this week--but at least I have it on hand. And I bought it when it was on sale. (Woo hoo!)

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